Leather Care

How To Care For Your Nakoa The Label Leather

Leather is a natural product and is beautifully imperfect. As all our leather pieces are lovingly hand crafted, each piece will vary slightly in natural markings, texture and colour, making each piece unique. This is a just a simple reminder to treasure the imperfections and to please be mindful that this is not a flaw and small variations do occur and as a result are not a fault.

Leather is intended to wear with age, but to extend the life of your leather, we recommend the following:

Keep your leather items dry. Let any water spills dry naturally, as heat measures like the use of a hair dryer will result in the leather crinkling beyond repair.

Avoid contact with dyes, such as pen ink, as this stains and will not come out. Dyes used in denim materials can also cause undesirable colour transfer onto your bag resulting in stains.

Avoid placing your leather goods on the ground in stations, restaurants and bars etc. This prevents any unseen dirt or stains ruining your much loved product.

Leather can fade from direct sunlight, so it is best to keep leather away from light over long periods of time where possible. This is especially important for lighter coloured leather goods.

Please select Nakoa The Label leather goods that suit your intended use. All our bags are designed differently, with some smaller bags having slimmer straps for lighter weights. These smaller styles will not suit large or heavy use. 

When not in use we suggest storing your Nakoa The Label leather goods in the cotton dust bag supplied with purchase. This keeps your item/s protected and clean. Dust bags are intended to protect handbags from colour transfer, sun exposure, excess moisture, and dust.